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Alan is an excellent character actor bringing genuine warmth to any role following 24 years of work on stage, screen & radio

Be it a subtle comedy role in a TV commercial- (Alan is recognised as a superb mimic/satirist who has performed stand up & sketch comedy since 2001, "The best Tony Blair in Britain"- Lee Mack) or a more intense stage role, Alan creates characters with depth that are are both convincing and intriguing to watch. He has worked with many leading lights in the industry and has a reputation for producing consistent, dependable high calibre work. All laced with superb comic timing. In addition he has done many voice overs for industry and Invicta FM local radio with a repertoire of over sixty voices.

Apart from acting Alan has extensive experience in the 'real' world having worked as a drama/music/SEN teacher, classical timpanist/percussionist, political researcher at Millbank during 'New' Labour and a borough councillor. This experience of working with and relating to people across several spheres have further informed the roles he plays, be it the conductor Billy in 'Billy's Band, a musical collaboration with LSO Trumpeter Dan Newell, the intense George Frederick Handel in 'Handel's Messiah' or the slobbish yet lovable Clint, in Joe Graham's feel good musical 'A Fistful of Mondays.'

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Billy's Band
Family Concert

Billy's Band will be going on tour again in 2017. On Sunday April 2nd at Cadogan Hall. Billy is the finest, wisest and most whiskery conductor that ever lived. He takes his band to play in all kinds of weird and wonderful locations, played by Alan, see him conduct the Billy's Band family concert. 11.30am, with pre-concert activities from 10.45am. Venue: Cadogan Hall, 5 Sloane Terrace, London SW1X 9DQ.



Other Politics

OTHeR is an experiment every OTHeR month. This August Bawdsville presents ‘Other Politics’. Seven artists who interpret the concept of the theme ‘Politics.' Hosted by your elected candidate Unruly Scrumptious and joined at the table by her cabaret ministers…
Doors Open 7pm, Show 7:30pm – 9pm.
at the Ram Jam Club,46 Richmond Road, Kingston KT2 5EE


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Handel's Messiah

In this film by Lee Groberg and Mark Goodman, documenting the meteoric rise to success of George Frideric Handel, Alan plays the adult Handel.

BYUtv's docudrama was created by filmmakers Lee Groberg and Mitch Davis. Interwoven with footage of live performances of the Messiah and insight into Handel’s life leading up to the presentation of his masterpiece, Handel’s Messiah is the poignant story of a moving musical masterpiece that continues to impact the world today. Narrated by Emmy- and Golden Globe-winning actress Jane Seymour.


Jenson : Sony Playstation

Playing Jenson, the obsequious side-kick to the evil Dr Black. Filmed in Leeds, it was here that Alan first mastered an impression of Simon Callow. Don't ask.

ITV National Weather

ITV National Weather

Working with Simon Day (Fast Show). Was fun sitting in the van doing Alan Hansen impressions and telling jokes that the Czech film crew didn't understand.

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