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Alan is a gifted character actor and comedian with a stage presense the audience can't help but be captivated by. A warm and genuine fellow (lend me a tenner!...i'll pay it back, Honest!!), he has the uncanny ability to see inside a character and bring it fully to life. Any comic role he expands with his own natural humour and sharp observations. He is a superb impressionist still doing the "Best Tony Blair in Britain"- Lee Mack, and creates inventive stand up & Sketch comedy that combines his vocal talents with a satirical wit - (Match of the Day at the Proms has to be seen to be believed). He also likes William Shatner and once worked with Julia Roberts.

MUSIC:- He is also a talented musician playing orchestral timpani & percussion- (no seriously, he does!), bringing the same energy and conviction to his playing as he does to acting/comedy. He played with the Kent County Youth Orchestra and more recently the City of Canterbury Symphony Orchestra (CCSO). Oh, he can also sing.

POLITICS:- Alan worked at Millbank, the London home of the Labour Party between 2000-2003 and has an in depth knowledge of politics and current affairs. Campaigning or fundraising, Alan is quick to latch on to people's voices and was the voice of William Hague (whatever happened to him) on the 2001 Labour General Election website !